Program to read the temperature from multiple DS18B20 sensors on the same pin. The original library/code came from Petras Saduikis (see, but I've modified it to remember the address of multiple sensors all connected to the same data pin. My sample program displays the temperature of each device in turn. If you want to see more of what's going on behind the scenes turn on the debug by setting DebugTrace pc(OFF, TO_SERIAL); to ON (instead of OFF) in the couple of places it's used - it will log the device addresses as they are found etc. The addresses are set in the devices at the factory - I don't think they can be changed, the search always seems to find them in the same order, but this won't be anything to do with the way you've plugged them in. I've had a play with up to 7 sensors (the code has a limit of 10 hardwired in it, but this would be easy to change)

Dependencies:   mbed