Pubnub demo for AT&T IoT Starter Kit. Functionally similar to the Flow demo.

Dependencies:   FXOS8700CQ MODSERIAL mbed

Pubnub demo for AT&T IoT Starter Kit

This demo is functionally similar to the Flow demo, so you can find general information here:

The only difference is that we use Pubnub to publish the measurements and subscribe to receiving the instructions to set the LED.


Pubnub related settings are:

Pubnub settings in `config_me.h`


All are documented in their respective comments.

Pubnub context class

Similar to Pubnub SDKs, we provide a Pubnub context class. It is defined in pubnub.h header file and implemented in pubnub.cpp.

It provides only the fundamental "publish" and "subscribe" methods. They are documented in the header file.

This class is reusable in other code (it is not specific to this demo), it has a very narrow interface to the AT&T IoT cellular modem code. For example of use, you can look at the main() (in main.c).

Sample of published data

Published message w/measurement data


Don't worry, nobody got burnt, the temperature is in degrees Fahrenheit. :)

Publish a message (from, say, the Pubnub console of the form {"LED":<name-of-the-color>} on the channel that this demo listens to (default is hello_world) to turn the LED to that color on the Starter Kit:

Turn LED to red


Turn LED to green


Turn LED to blue