Basic Audio Signal Processing Library

Dependents:   unzen_sample_nucleo_f746 skeleton_unzen_nucleo_f746 ifmag_noise_canceller synthesizer_f746

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for amakusa


BiQuadCascadeDF1 Wrapper class of the arm_biquad_cascade_df1_f32() and the arm_biquad_cascade_df1_init_f32()
BiQuadCascadeDF2T Wrapper class of the arm_biquad_cascade_df2T_f32() and the arm_biquad_cascade_df2T_init_f32()
FIRDecimator Wrapper class of the arm_fir_decimate_f32() and the arm_fir_decimate_init_f32()
FIRFilter Wrapper class of the arm_fir_f32() and the arm_fir_init_f32()
FIRInterpolator Wrapper class of the arm_fir_interpolate_f32() and the arm_fir_interpolate_init_f32()
Hysteresis Hysteresis algorithm to the descrete input value
LimitterLinAtan A limitter
OSCSinCos Sine & Cosine Oscillator


abstractfilter.cpp [code]
abstractfilter.h [code]
amakusa.h [code] Main include file of the audio_signal
biquadcascadedf1.cpp [code]
biquadcascadedf1.h [code]
biquadcascadedf2t.cpp [code]
biquadcascadedf2t.h [code]
firdecimator.cpp [code]
firdecimator.h [code]
firfilter.cpp [code]
firfilter.h [code]
firinterpolator.cpp [code]
firinterpolator.h [code]
hysteresis.cpp [code]
hysteresis.h [code]
limitterlinatan.cpp [code]
limitterlinatan.h [code]
oscsincos.cpp [code]
oscsincos.h [code]


amakusa Audio processing class libraries