Expansion Board for StarBoard Orange : Expansion Board One


日本語版はこちら: StarBoard Orange 専用拡張基板:Expansion Board One


This board is a expansion board for StarBoard Orange.

Please see more information about the base board at http://mbed.org/cookbook/StarBoard-Orange.


  • IR receiver
  • IR transmitter
  • Wii nunchuk
  • Analog inputs
  • Serial I/F (TTL)
  • Serial I/F (RS-232C)
  • PS/2 (Keyboard, Mouse)

Add connectors to StarBoard Orange

Add connectors for ExpansionBoard One to StarBoard Orange.
The connector is a "Pin Socket". (Not a "Pin Header".)


Connection map

Application examples

Application name Program Notebook
Example No.1: Let's control a device from Twitter StarBoardOrangeExpansion1
Example No.2: Record thermistor values using Pachube StarBoardOrangeExpansion2
StarBoard Orange - Expansion Board One: (Example No.2: Record thermistor values using Pachube)


Resources for Eagle CAD(sch, brd)

Uploaded files for Eagle CAD.
I used Eagle Non-Profit license.
So you can not use this file for any commercial use. (Sorry about this.)


Update history

Version Date Description
1.0.0 2010/10/23 First version.
1.0.1 2010/12/31 Added the Eagle CAD file.
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