Condensed Version of Public VL53L0X

Dependents:   ToF-Only-Tryout

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for VL53L0X_Condensed


TVL53L0X_DeviceInfo Defines the parameters of the Get Device Info Functions
VL53L0X Class representing a VL53L0 sensor component
VL53L0X_DeviceParams_t Defines all parameters for the device
VL53L0X_DMaxData_t Structure containing the Dmax computation parameters and data
VL53L0X_HistogramData_t Histogram measurement data
VL53L0X_RangeData_t Range measurement data
VL53L0X_SPADData_t SPAD Configuration Data
VL53L0X_Version_t Defines the parameters of the Get Version Functions


VL53L0X.cpp [code]
VL53L0X.h [code]
VL53L0X_def.h [code] Type definitions for VL53L0X API
VL53L0X_tuning.h [code]