USBDevice stack

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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
CircBuffer.h [code]
MIDIMessage.h [code]
USBAudio.cpp [code]
USBAudio.h [code]
USBAudio_Types.h [code]
USBCDC.cpp [code]
USBCDC.h [code]
USBDescriptor.h [code]
USBDevice.cpp [code]
USBDevice.h [code]
USBDevice_Types.h [code]
USBEndpoints.h [code]
USBEndpoints_LPC11U.h [code]
USBEndpoints_LPC17_LPC23.h [code]
USBHAL.h [code]
USBHAL_LPC11U.cpp [code]
USBHAL_LPC17.cpp [code]
USBHID.cpp [code]
USBHID.h [code]
USBHID_Types.h [code]
USBKeyboard.cpp [code]
USBKeyboard.h [code]
USBMIDI.cpp [code]
USBMIDI.h [code]
USBMouse.cpp [code]
USBMouse.h [code]
USBMouseKeyboard.cpp [code]
USBMouseKeyboard.h [code]
USBMSD.cpp [code]
USBMSD.h [code]
USBSerial.cpp [code]
USBSerial.h [code]