wheelchair code for driver assitance

Dependencies:   mbed

Fork of wheelchairalexa by ryan lin

Fri Aug 17 03:10:39 2018 +0000
code for driver assistance;

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ryanlin97 0:fc0c4a184482 1 #ifndef wheelchair
ryanlin97 0:fc0c4a184482 2 #define wheelchair
ryanlin97 11:75f0f13ff6c1 3 #include "mbed.h"
ryanlin97 0:fc0c4a184482 4
ryanlin97 11:75f0f13ff6c1 5 #define turn_precision 10
ryanlin97 0:fc0c4a184482 6 #define def (2.5f/3.3f)
ryanlin97 0:fc0c4a184482 7 #define high 3.3f
ryanlin97 3:a5e71bfdb492 8 #define offset .02f
ryanlin97 3:a5e71bfdb492 9 #define low (1.7f/3.3f)
ryanlin97 10:e5463c11e0a0 10 #define process .1
ryanlin97 11:75f0f13ff6c1 11 #define xDir D9
ryanlin97 11:75f0f13ff6c1 12 #define yDir D10
ryanlin97 0:fc0c4a184482 13
ryanlin97 0:fc0c4a184482 14 class Wheelchair
ryanlin97 0:fc0c4a184482 15 {
ryanlin97 0:fc0c4a184482 16 public:
ryanlin97 7:5e38d43fbce3 17 Wheelchair(PinName xPin, PinName yPin, Serial* pc, Timer* time);
ryanlin97 12:0e5a0571b497 18 void move(float x_coor, float y_coor, bool, bool, bool);
ryanlin97 11:75f0f13ff6c1 19 double turn_right(int deg);
ryanlin97 11:75f0f13ff6c1 20 double turn_left(int deg);
ryanlin97 11:75f0f13ff6c1 21 void turn(int deg);
ryanlin97 1:c0beadca1617 22 void forward();
ryanlin97 1:c0beadca1617 23 void backward();
ryanlin97 1:c0beadca1617 24 void right();
ryanlin97 1:c0beadca1617 25 void left();
ryanlin97 1:c0beadca1617 26 void stop();
ryanlin97 11:75f0f13ff6c1 27 void compass_thread();
ryanlin97 0:fc0c4a184482 28
ryanlin97 1:c0beadca1617 29 private:
ryanlin97 3:a5e71bfdb492 30 PwmOut* x;
ryanlin97 3:a5e71bfdb492 31 PwmOut* y;
ryanlin97 7:5e38d43fbce3 32 Serial* out;
ryanlin97 11:75f0f13ff6c1 33 Timer* ti;
ryanlin97 1:c0beadca1617 34
ryanlin97 0:fc0c4a184482 35 };
ryanlin97 0:fc0c4a184482 36 #endif