Added an EddystoneURLConfigService in addition to UriBeaconConfigService. Updated README and converted comments that used UriBeacon to EddystoneURL in the EddystoneService.h

Dependents:   mbed_EddystoneURL_Beacon_ssci mbed_EddystoneURL_Beacon_ssci mbed_EddystoneURL_Beacon_ssci

Fork of BLE_API by Bluetooth Low Energy

Wed Aug 19 04:27:52 2015 +0000
Updated EddystoneURLConfigService.h : 1) lockedState now is a member of params.lockedState ; zeros are not the unlock value (and a valid key), this now passes the Validator, 2) After disconnect the timeADV is disabled, and ADV params recreated.

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rgrover1 125:aae3f50670c9 1 # mbed Bluetooth Low Energy Stack
rgrover1 266:698e7d095195 2 This is the github repo for the BLE_API used by Please see [mbed BLE Homepage]( for all documentation, code examples and general help.
rgrover1 125:aae3f50670c9 3
rgrover1 125:aae3f50670c9 4 # Supported Services
rgrover1 125:aae3f50670c9 5 Supported GATT services and constantly being added and can be found in the /services folder.
rgrover1 125:aae3f50670c9 6 Currently supported services include:
rgrover1 125:aae3f50670c9 7 * Battery
rgrover1 125:aae3f50670c9 8 * Device Firmware Update (DFU)
rgrover1 125:aae3f50670c9 9 * Device Information
roywant 795:6401965b88ee 10 * EddystoneURLConfig
rgrover1 125:aae3f50670c9 11 * Health Thermometer
rgrover1 125:aae3f50670c9 12 * Heart Rate
rgrover1 125:aae3f50670c9 13 * UART
Rohit Grover 241:00f2410ad9cc 14 * UriBeacon
Rohit Grover 241:00f2410ad9cc 15 * iBeacon
rgrover1 125:aae3f50670c9 16
rgrover1 125:aae3f50670c9 17 # Getting Started
rgrover1 125:aae3f50670c9 18 The mbed BLE API is meant to be used in projects on Please see examples and sample project files there.
rgrover1 125:aae3f50670c9 19 A good starting point are these pages:
rgrover1 266:698e7d095195 20 * [mbed BLE Homepage]( for all things BLE
Rohit Grover 241:00f2410ad9cc 21 * [mbed BLE Getting Started Guide]( a wonderful primer on using BLE with mbed
Rohit Grover 241:00f2410ad9cc 22 * [mbed BLE API page]( for the API in generated by doxygen