ME910 support

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RevisionDateWhoCommit message
81:6d601e345d0f 2017-09-07 pferland Preliminary support for ME910C1 default tip
80:e66bf5723b98 2015-09-09 mfiore add function to get radio type enum, rename original to getRadioTypeString
79:da70f86996a1 2015-09-09 Mike Fiore update from git
78:fc9d2b983744 2015-08-17 mfiore add GPS support for EasyIP models
77:82c0ec0f73ba 2015-07-28 mfiore fix line spacing
76:6eeffc10739d 2015-06-25 Mike Fiore add EU and Verizon LTE support, git rev 34875cd9c59aa9191bc3d0af0032ebf2d3ee2c0b
75:60ff839c9b6d 2015-03-25 mfiore merge after accepting pull request from MTS-Cellular-dev
74:d232ae44d136 2015-03-11 Vanger Removed APN declaration under TestSMS.h as it's been centralized to doTests()
73:bba8669d36f7 2015-02-09 mfiore merge changes
72:7862171b277d 2015-01-23 Mike Fiore use mts_min/mts_max inline functions instead of MIN/MAX macros - macros break in IAR
71:8e8152d955d1 2015-02-03 mfiore add AT#SCFG to EasyIP class to shorten data sending timeout
70:c0c621f88330 2014-11-11 Vanger Changed local port issue "if" statement structure into a simplified "if" statement.
69:93dace69ee98 2014-11-11 Vanger Added support for LE910-NAG under the EasyIP class, the Cellular class, and the CellularFactory class.; Added enumeration for all 3 types of LE910 radio, but only implemented the LE910-NAG type.
68:66f4126100b5 2014-10-21 Vanger Removed APN under TestSMS.h and set it to a NULL string: ""
67:7c705fe2acec 2014-10-21 Vanger Fixed close() variables to match Mbed socket API (shutdown instead of clearBuffer)
66:8c55e2bf7270 2014-10-21 Vanger Added a flag for close() calls to support closing the connection without clearing the buffer data.
65:2cdd943bb3a3 2014-08-18 Vanger Changed method of parsing for radio identifier number in getEquipmentIdentifier() under Cellular.cpp
64:6b6ccf11fb4c 2014-08-18 Vanger Changed getEquipmentIdentifier() under Cellular.cpp to be more robust; (Will now work for MEID hex resposnes, as well as decimal responses)
63:f46ef5823ab5 2014-08-18 Vanger Added IMEI/MEID function for Cellular.cpp and Cellular.h ; (CDMA and HSPA should be identical on this point)
62:c171606f7318 2014-08-13 Vanger Removed APN from TestSMS.h
61:2acb8c25aecf 2014-08-13 Vanger Removed "alive" parse response from sendCommand() under cellular.cpp; (Changed AT#PING under UIP.cpp to have a longer timeout to compensate); Added some comments explaining some of the EasyIP functions under EasyIP.cpp
60:250c17af30fb 2014-08-13 Vanger Added comments EasyIP.cpp to explain what some functions do. (Only where they didn't seem immediately obvious)
59:5535f14e3cc4 2014-08-13 Vanger Removed "alive" parsing option from sendCommand() under Cellular.cpp; Doubled timeout for AT#PING command under UIP.cpp; Made AT#SGACT command timeout longer (5s >> 15s) under EasyIP.cpp
58:de5f2c001ab0 2014-08-13 Vanger Rewrote radio model init function under CellularFactory.cpp to be more robust (will now be able to deal with unexpected characters and output);
57:7eb2eb536d4a 2014-08-13 Vanger Moved enumeration before socket variable in EasyIP.cpp under socketCheck()
56:43205bd2752a 2014-08-13 Vanger Moved common functions from EasyIP and UIP classes to Cellular class. Also tweaked isConnected() under EasyIP.cpp
55:85c04afa939a 2014-08-11 Vanger Changed sendSMS() in Cellular.cpp to only send message for sms once, and just increased the timeout for the AT command to send the SMS content. Also determined that G3 radio type AT+CSMP format.
54:a6c738bfc391 2014-08-11 Vanger Added for loop check to ensure context is closed under EasyIP.cpp, added 100ms wait after leaving data mode with sendEscapeCommand() under EasyIP.cpp (due to AT command not being received by radio without slight wait)
53:1aee5fe47adb 2014-08-11 Vanger Updated example code under Cellular.h
52:2cb58398a4f9 2014-08-11 Vanger Removed parse response '>' from sendCommand() under Cellular.cpp, changed sendSMS() to verify sending SMS message under Cellular.cpp, changed disconnect() to have better flow under EasyIP.cpp, changed isConnected() to be simpler under EasyIP.cpp
51:ffc556ba33f7 2014-08-05 Vanger Changed some comment lines in CellularFactory.cpp, EasyIP.cpp, UIP.cpp; Changed Cellular.cpp sendCommand() function to explicitly check for UIP responses, and removed 5ms wait between read cycles.
50:144099030d9b 2014-08-05 Vanger Removed comments to simplify reading code for sendCommand() under Cellular.cpp
49:1fc51c53cebf 2014-08-04 Vanger Simplified sendEscapeCommand() under EasyIP.cpp and changed comments under both EasyIP.h and EasyIP.cpp
48:3f9d82915e83 2014-08-01 Vanger Added '>' case for exiting sendCommand() due to how sendSMS() in Cellular.cpp works.; Modified testSMS.h slightly to make test sections clearer.
47:16a9297b59ba 2014-08-01 Vanger Forgot to remove APN internet from TestSMS.h
46:56ab41157957 2014-08-01 Vanger Added example code to UIP.h class documentation
45:b9ead235ab7c 2014-08-01 Vanger Changed the response code parsing at the end of sendCommand() in Cellular.cpp to also check for UIP responses; (Removed apn from EasyIP.h example code section)
44:bf07f3d85822 2014-07-31 Vanger Forgot @endcode
43:91c5e53f508f 2014-07-31 Vanger Added Working example code to EasyIP.h
42:adcf25505b1c 2014-07-30 Vanger Also added default local_port of 1 for radio type MTSMC_EV3 under EasyIP.cpp.; (Will need to check other radio types for the necessity of a default local_port of 1 instead of 0 as well)
41:8b9b5098696f 2014-07-30 Vanger Rewrote sendCommand() function in Cellular.cpp, and fixed failure to find radio type error in CellularFactory.cpp caused by unsolicited response #STN
40:ecef43f87c7a 2014-07-29 Vanger Changed timeout for socket open under EasyIP.cpp. Removed AT+IFC command from EasyIP.cpp constructor
39:629fc8475af1 2014-07-29 Vanger Removed redundant AT+IFC command under EasyIP.cpp constructor
38:b2088faa8bfd 2014-07-25 Vanger Removed redundant flow control set command for EasyIP.cpp
37:14f819beeccf 2014-07-23 Vanger Bug fix for Cellular.cpp changed ++ to ==
36:948d06b3e23c 2014-07-23 Vanger Changed SMS format to only add preceding '+' to UIP radio types in Cellular.cpp, and added case of ERROR to AT+CMGS result.
35:257eb41405e1 2014-07-21 Vanger Cellular.cpp Fixed char-delay causing failed SMS.; EasyIP.cpp Added closed-connection checking.; TestSMS.h Added SIM-not-ready checking loop before starting SMS test.
34:7d412c989964 2014-07-16 Vanger Updated documentation for UIP.h and finished EasyIP.h documentation
33:3b6f3904dde0 2014-07-16 Vanger Updating and formatting documentation for EasyIP.h and EasyIP.cpp.; Comment tweak for UIP.h
32:7d5581159bed 2014-07-15 Vanger Set EasyIP to initialize with AT+IFC=2,2 command to enable flow control, under EasyIP.cpp; All tests under dotests() passed, library should be complete.
31:529db15abda7 2014-07-14 Vanger Pulled MTS-Cellular changes into MTS-Cellular-dev branch.; Also implemented setSocketCloseable(); Modified read(),write(), and sendEscapeCommand() to account for socketCloseable boolean flag.
30:1326b623919a 2014-07-14 Vanger For EasyIP.cpp:; Made sendEscapeCommand() and socketCheck() socket closed verification; connect(), disconnect(), and isConnected() were tweaked; IMPL. bind(),open(),isOpen(),close(),read(),write(),readable(),writeable(),reset(); Fixed bug in CellUtils.h;
29:edc613ed3f2e 2014-07-02 Vanger Added APN check for connect() under EasyIP.; Implemented isConnected() under EasyIP. ; Note for isConnected(): some states from UIP will never be reached in the EasyIP version, and main method of checking connection is a ping to
28:f93d7b3f7c2e 2014-07-01 Vanger Made ping() more robust under EasyIP.; Tweaked disconnect() under EasyIP to be more reliable.;
27:ec44d5a9544f 2014-06-30 Vanger Implemented echo() function under EasyIP.; Fixed ping() function under EasyIP.; Made a pure virtual echo() under Cellular.h for EasyIP and UIP inheritance; Made echo() virtual under both UIP.h and EasyIP.h
26:2b769ed8de4f 2014-06-26 Vanger Made setApn() a pure virtual in Cellular.; Implemented setApn in both UIP and EasyIP; Implemented connect(), disconnect(), and ping() in EasyIP; Uncommented cell instantiation for EasyIP type models in CellularFactory
25:817e9d94bfd7 2014-07-09 mfiore delete SMS messages at start of SMS unit test
24:32d29cdfc1fa 2014-06-23 mfiore change all instances of SUCCESS to MTS_SUCCESS
23:8333593dd86f 2014-06-19 mfiore add robustness to SendSMS function
22:c1004a807490 2014-06-19 mfiore add other HSPA devices to check for APN in isConnected; wait for entire reply from radio to come before returning from ping