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Dependencies:   SDFileSystem X_NUCLEO_IKS01A1

Fork of ATT_AWS_IoT_demo by AT&T IoT


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
29:537df716ba0b 2017-04-05 peyo Use IKS01A1 sensors default tip
28:a31312c9756d 2017-04-05 peyo Export project
27:2f486c766854 2017-02-07 rfinn changed SDFileSystem library
26:ad43af63b3ea 2017-01-16 rfinn copying to the ATT team
25:91d771247ac8 2016-12-19 ampembeng Updated the look/feel of the Python GUI to match the AT&T locker demo S3 page. Added "assets" folder to support this. Updated the README.
24:224c07ec3bd0 2016-12-16 ampembeng Updates prior to full publish. README is updated and the shadow demo is setup to build by default and uses wireless/sd_card configuration.
23:b9ff83dc965f 2016-12-15 ampembeng Added an alternate demo that publishes JSON data to a topic instead of using the device shadow. The topic (rule) is intended to be used along with DynamoDB and S3 (a static website).
22:0a5d7c20ed96 2016-12-07 ampembeng Commit after Publishing K64F_FATFileSystem (fork)
21:56f91bdacff1 2016-12-07 ampembeng Updated the README to reflect the changes from the last few commits.
20:ee34856ae510 2016-12-07 ampembeng The demo now reads the FRDM-K64F temperature and humidity sensors and adds that data to the reported AWS IoT device Shadow. Both the firmware and Python GUI are updated.
19:488dad1e168e 2016-12-06 ampembeng Added Python GUI changes that match the SD card changes so Python no longer requires code updates to run the demo either.
18:6370da1de572 2016-12-06 ampembeng Added code to support SD card access. The key/cert and MQTT information required for the demo can now be pulled from the SD card file system.
17:46780b2de3e4 2016-12-02 ampembeng Added the Python script which is used as part of this demo.
16:02008a2a2569 2016-12-02 ampembeng Cleaned up some project TODOs added a quick start guide to the that's in the root folder.
15:6f2798e45099 2016-12-01 ampembeng Initial commit. Demo works with both the FRDM wired Ethernet and the Avnet Shield wireless modem.
14:339320b096c5 2016-10-28 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.2.1
13:b7c627487d5a 2016-10-24 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.2.0
12:1ae41c231014 2016-10-21 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.2.0-rc4
11:bbdd078dac9e 2016-10-05 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.1.5
10:f4fc50022e71 2016-09-16 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.1.4
9:1ac74f2d7bda 2016-09-06 mbed_official Reduce example stack usage
8:50d4701593ad 2016-08-20 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.1.2
7:d55d5e6aed50 2016-08-19 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.1.1
6:3cca7629501b 2016-08-05 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.1.0
5:8275e4cee0d5 2016-08-04 mbed_official Correct HAVEGE entropy in the configurations.
4:880181829f9a 2016-08-03 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.1.0-rc5
3:f899889c22af 2016-07-30 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.1.0-rc4
2:270602af41c9 2016-07-28 mbed_official Update examples to use mbed-os-5.1.0-rc3.
1:29b9860f1cac 2016-07-28 Janos Follath Update example home repo at
0:fc70c47eecb4 2016-07-27 Janos Follath Update example home repo at The canonical source for this example lives at