demo sample to drive PCU9955 and PCA9629

Dependencies:   mbed I2C_slaves PCU9669 parallel_bus

Fork of mini_board_PCU9669 by InetrfaceProducts NXP

What is this?

This is a sample code to operate PCU9955 (16ch constant-current LED controller) and PCA9629 (intelligent stepper motor controller) through PCU9669 (3 channels (UltraFast mode * 2ch, FastModePlus *1ch) I2C bus controller).

This demo is written based on mini_board_PCU9669 sample code library and its API.

Demo will shows how the LED controllers and stepper motor controllers works.
It uses a mini_board_PCU9669 board with mbed, 8 of PCU9955s and 5 PCA9629s.

Demo setup
(left-top: PCU9955 boards, left-bottom: mini-board PCU9669 with mbed, right: PCA9629 x5 board)

Board connections and device addresses


User manual of PCU9669 demo board: Mini board PCU9669

sample code : mbed programs

Import programmini_board_PCU9669

mini board PCU9669 (and PCA9665) sample code

Import programPCA9955_Hello

PCA9955 16 channel current drive(sink) LED driver sample code

Import programPCA9955_simple

very simple sample code for PCA9955 (16 channel current control LED driver)

Import programPCA9629_Hello

Sample code for PCA9629 operation

device infomation

PCU9669 (Parallel bus to 1 channel Fm+ and 2 channel UFm I2C-bus controller)
PCU9955 (16-channel UFm I²C-bus 57 mA constant current LED driver)
PCA9955 (16-channel Fm+ I²C-bus 57 mA constant current LED driver)
PCU9629 (Fm+ I2C-bus stepper motor controller)