Door controller and proximity switch detection.

Dependencies:   mbed-rtos mbed VodafoneUSBModem_bleedingedge

This program takes in a digital input - which is a reed switch for a door - and an output to a relay. The door is open with a simple 'text' to the modem on the USB bus (i used k3770 vodafone dongle).

The door will send an alarm message to your nominated numbers at the start of the program if the door is open without a command being sent.

Very simple - and just meant as a demonstration of how to incorporate GSM/3G functionality to a evice.


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
29:dc1458c071ba 2013-07-17 nherriot First commit of the Vodafone door controller. default tip
28:8191f8a516d9 2013-02-21 nherriot updated to the newest mbed lib
27:a265d336f088 2013-02-21 nherriot watchdog timer used to restart the device if the modem fails to come up.
26:b9a0fa0f2469 2013-02-10 nherriot 2nd attempt at merging -- this is not as easy as it use to be!
25:1c47f3a5b8e3 2013-02-10 nherriot merging
24:e825e2b57d62 2013-02-10 nherriot dbg message
23:28b693d586ee 2013-02-10 nherriot small dbg changes
22:87d73be30243 2013-02-05 nherriot Adding alarm feature to the door
21:7068b39d3006 2012-09-27 donatien Fixed ATCommandInterface.cpp
20:27f878df6d14 2012-09-27 donatien Merge
19:b9e5d60bcb87 2012-09-27 donatien SMS fix
18:ad4ae0caf337 2012-09-27 nherriot merging
17:9b57d29e2eab 2012-09-27 nherriot trying some things out to find out where a bug is.
16:9245c3a37491 2012-09-26 nherriot debug switched on for teseting
15:262da03e3e20 2012-09-25 nherriot Adding a reg state section of code. This makes the door controller continually monitor state before trying to send a message to the modem.
14:9ee94196b75d 2012-09-25 donatien Uncommented "keepAlive()" call in main to prevent from returning
13:4afa5a86f05b 2012-09-20 nherriot merging code
12:e622e146b3cd 2012-09-20 nherriot some changes to allow debug mode to work properly
11:769f2b28b236 2012-09-19 nherriot Changing mem size in main and atCommanderInterface to allow debuging.
10:c8a6f2822068 2012-09-18 nherriot small changes to show it working
9:7cabce283cd9 2012-09-16 nherriot new proximity switch detection routine
8:1b4e84f4c451 2012-09-16 nherriot adding more debug - fixing sms send - adding proximity switch detection routine and state variables
7:316c2dac06a5 2012-09-16 nherriot changing door controller to sense it's state using the proximity switch
6:5a892c3d738e 2012-07-25 nherriot removing redundant code.
5:ca4f06634bcb 2012-05-15 nherriot updated timgins
4:99bbdfe42ae0 2012-05-15 nherriot updating errors
3:0a8eebcb0acf 2012-05-15 nherriot Adding digital out
2:bcc9256ecaab 2012-05-15 nherriot trying out door opener code
1:3c9d0c9dffa4 2012-05-15 nherriot text changes;
0:5136cdfaebd0 2012-05-15 nherriot changed phone number