XRange SX1272Lib

Dependents:   XRangePingPong XRange-LoRaWAN-lmic-app lora-transceiver

Fork of SX1276Lib by Semtech

SX1272 LoRa RF module https://www.netblocks.eu/xrange-sx1272-lora-datasheet/

Driver for the SX1272 RF Transceiver.


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
18:0d1c09259f20 2016-01-07 netblocks Sets RX/TX packet length 256 bytes. default tip
17:a5c9fd1a1ea6 2015-05-31 netblocks XRange SX1272Lib
16:d447f8d2d2d6 2015-03-31 mluis Corrected 250 kHz bandwidth choice for FSK modem; Added a define for the RADIO_WAKEUP_TIME from sleep
15:04374b1c33fa 2015-01-22 mluis Enabled by default the whitening when using FSK modem.; Added an invalid bandwidth to the Bandwidths table in order to avoid an error when selecting 250 kHz bandwidth when using FSK modem.
14:8552d0b840be 2015-01-07 mluis Corrected in SetRxConfig method the FSK modem preamble register name.
13:618826a997e2 2014-12-16 mluis Cosmetics; Added LICENSE text.; Added the possibility to specify the payload length for receiving fixed length frames.; Added SetModem function to radio interface.; Added LoRa syncword register definition
12:aa5b3bf7fdf4 2014-10-13 GregCr Added LICENSE.txt; Minor corrections
11:ce0cdab5137a 2014-10-13 GregCr Added LICENSE.txt; Minor corrections;
10:4a0720f9b7a3 2014-09-30 GregCr Changed mbed_debug.h to debug.h inside the lib (issue with the NXp platform)
9:b420e9c3d6fe 2014-09-26 GregCr Removed unused variables
8:0fe3e0e8007b 2014-09-23 GregCr Clean up; FHSS Tx bug correction
7:2b555111463f 2014-09-19 GregCr Added support for CAD; Changed Rssi into an int16_t
6:e7f02929cd3d 2014-09-04 GregCr Added support for FHSS
5:11ec8a6ba4f0 2014-08-21 GregCr Corrected bug in FSK
4:f0ce52e94d3f 2014-08-20 GregCr Removed use of LED1 which is causing issues with the SPI on the Nucleo board. Clean up
3:ca84be1f3fac 2014-08-19 GregCr added small delay for the board detection due to capa
2:5eb3066446dd 2014-08-19 GregCr Corrections linked to the board detection and handling
1:f979673946c0 2014-08-19 GregCr Added board detection following default status of Antenna Switch pin
0:e6ceb13d2d05 2014-08-18 GregCr SX1276 Library first attempt