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NucleoF401RE MIDI - 10ch A/D, 6ch D/A, 6ch Triggers Controller for LittleBitsSynth in [http://nagasm.org/ASL/mbed3/] "MIDI_test_03" circuit - http://nagasm.org/ASL/mbed3/fig1/circuit2.jpg
NucleoF401RE EMG sensor with 2channel 16band FFT, mixed 7band XBee send, only test
NucleoF401RE EMG seneor with Lissajous Analysis
NucleoF401RE EMG sensor with Artifact Filter, Notch Filter, etc
add 60Hz/50Hz notch filter
2-channel version with host PC control
add - CQpub0 Mikami / FIR_LPF_Direct
NucleoF401RE A/D Envelope detection with Moving average, transfer via XBww
NucleoF401RE A/D test. 5msec sampling (by timer interrupt), transmit via XBee with 7 bytes message format.
NucleoF401RE timer interrupt test with XBee serial communication.
NucleoF401RE - XBee serial RX/TX with FIFO buffer. RX: Interrupt - FIFO buffering. TX: FIFO buffering - polling (tx_buffer empty). In this program, received data (7bytes format ([000000-7FFFFF]+13(cr)]) is merged ...
NucleoF401RE speed test. Sending 7bytes format ([000000-7FFFFF]+13(cr)] via XBee (38400) to Host, with interval - once per 1,000,000 times in main loop.
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