Task class is an implementation of mail driven thread, for it makes to use Thread and Mail classes in mbed-rtos library easier.

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Task::Logger Class Reference

Logger class. More...

#include <Task.h>

Public Member Functions

 Logger (const char *task_name, Stream *sp=Logger::sci)
 Logger constructor.

Static Public Member Functions

static void setLogLevel (LogLevel lv)
 Log level setter.

Detailed Description

Logger class.

Definition at line 103 of file Task.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Logger ( const char *  task_name,
Stream *  sp = Logger::sci 

Logger constructor.

task_nameFor log prefix
spStream pointer for output destination(the default is USB serial).

Definition at line 78 of file Task.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void setLogLevel ( LogLevel  lv ) [static]

Log level setter.

lvlog level

Definition at line 84 of file Task.cpp.