Webserver example for Nuvoton NuMaker boards and mbed OS 5.15 - HTTP 1.1 and multi-threaded.

Dependencies:   mbed-http

For Mbed OS 6, please use the NuMaker-simple-httpd example.

This application demonstrates how to run an HTTP server on an mbed OS 5 device. It is derived from http-webserver-example Request parsing is done through nodejs/http-parser.

Fixed for Mbed OS 5.15 or later

Tested on

NuMaker IoT-M487 with Ethernet NuMaker PFM-M487 with Ethernet

Mon Jun 29 08:17:16 2020 +0000
Webserver example for mbed OS 5 - HTTP 1.1 and multi-threaded; Fix for mbed OS 5.15 and clean unnecessary libraries; Add fixed IP address option; Test on Nuvoton NuMaker boards.

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