mbed-dev library fork for STM32F100R6 microcontroller (LQFP64, 24MHz, 32kB flash, 4kB ram, 2-channel DAC, HDMI CEC, very cheap) . Use in online compiler (instead mbed library) with selected platform Nucleo F103RB.

Fork of mbed-dev by mbed official

Tested and working:

  • blink
  • system frequency 24Mhz (with external xtal 8Mhz)
  • stdio uart on pins PA_2-PA_3
  • Serial on pins PA_9-PA_10
  • AnalogOut on pins PA_4, PA_5 (DAC)
  • AnalogIn on pins PA_0, PA_1, PA_2, PA_3, PA_4, PA_5, PA_6, PA_7, PB_0, PB_1, PC_0, PC_1, PC_2, PC_3, PC_5, PC_5

  • TIM2 is used for mbed needs (eq Timer, Ticker, wait etc. )

    Simple test program:

    Import programtestF100R6

    simple tests for STM32F100R6 microcontroller with dedicated library

Download repository: zip gz