EEPROM emulation (STM algorithm described in the application notes: AN4061, AN3969, AN2594, AN3390, AN4056) with added multipage possibility. For Nucleo-F030 and others boards with similar microcontrolers.

Dependencies:   mbed

Description in AN4061 from STM.

Changed (compared with the original code AN4061):

  • possibility of a larger size of emulated EEPROM (using multiple Flash pages)
  • dummy variables prevent overwrite code in Flash by algorithm of EEPROM emulation

Macro PAGE_NB_PVP (in eeprom.h) defines the size of the virtual page. Eg. For F030 where Flash page are 1kB value 4 gives 4kB.

Size 4kB virtual page gives you the ability to use max. approx. 1k of 16-bit variables.

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