Michiel B.

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  • FlightSimInstrument-1

    This project is about creating an airplane instrument (such as an altimeter) for a flight simulator running on a PC. The code will read in two space-separated \"words\" containing the …

    flightsim, LCD, USB, usbserial
    Last updated: 26 Nov 2011 2 16
  • CrysisHUD

    This code will display two unsigned shorts (representing health & remaining ammo) on a TextLCD display. The mbed receives them via the USB HID interface.

    Crysis, HID, USB
    Last updated: 11 Dec 2011 1 9
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    This code just prints out the current temperature sensed by a TMP102 temperature sensor over serial when requested. Here's the Python code that lets you log data locally and to …

    Last updated: 25 May 2011 1 54