Vodafone K3770/K3772-Z modems driver & networking library

Dependencies:   Socket USBHostWANDongle lwip-sys lwip

Dependents:   VodafoneUSBModemHTTPClientTest VodafoneUSBModemNTPClientTest VodafoneUSBModemSMSTest VodafoneUSBModemUSSDTest ... more

Fork of VodafoneUSBModem_bleedingedge by Donatien Garnier

This is the driver for the Vodafone K3700 & K3772-Z Dongles:


More details and instructions can be found here.


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
95:84f01d280c9b 2014-04-25 ashleymills Updated lwip to latest mbed version.; Removed useless debug function and messages. default tip
94:c5d90f929f8d 2014-03-26 ashleymills Added a message for K3772
93:4260aee1df21 2014-02-07 ashleymills Updated lwip, lwip-sys, and Socket dependencies to latest.
92:ed0443728c60 2014-01-29 ashleymills Added a getIPAddress function
91:7b311719374d 2013-09-20 ashleymills Added support for Ublox LISA U200 module. Fixed bug for modules that throw away blocked unsolicited messages.
90:f8d65dc86a97 2013-06-27 ashleymills Merging bleeding edge USBHostWANDongle
89:bcd0f5300b0d 2013-06-27 ashleymills Merging changes from bleeding edge
88:51dc1f37cc9a 2013-04-18 ashleymills Fixed a typo that meant that K3772 was not detected.
87:62af9b9d3e13 2013-03-21 ashleymills Increased timeout for modem init (we need to make this a constructor option).
86:adfd686297d6 2013-03-08 ashleymills Ensuring bleeding edge has latest lwip, lwip-sys, and Socket libs.
85:d74a2a9d2b01 2013-03-08 ashleymills Reverted to Donatien's USBHostWANDongle lib, and merged K3773 and MU509 changes.
84:39e28d162195 2013-03-08 ashleymills Merged MU509 and K3773 changes.
83:897a0de9d668 2013-03-05 ashleymills Added MU509 support
82:ab4d6263f25c 2013-01-29 ashleymills Turn off unsolicited sim-toolkit events for K3773.
81:da03da068398 2013-01-29 ashleymills Modifications for K3773;
80:c0e63c16306e 2013-01-15 ashleymills Turn of read receipts in MU509;
79:a6ac8206a58d 2013-01-09 ashleymills Experimental MU509 Support
78:f0cb615d0074 2012-12-19 ashleymills Nothing really
77:6083cb11f170 2012-12-18 ashleymills Adding Mu509 support
76:c51808f80649 2012-12-13 ashleymills Adding support for K3773
75:ff3e5d1e82ca 2012-12-13 ashleymills Added support for K3773 modems.
74:b70519f17a22 2013-02-21 nherriot small debug output changes. and a for loop to retry connecting 100 times if modem has just been inserted.
73:ed96bd79cb48 2013-02-10 nherriot trying my very best to make this stupid crap system merge a simple file.
72:fa234ae33eb6 2013-02-10 nherriot dbg message changes
71:0da249386019 2013-02-10 nherriot small dbg changes
70:f6d75c4bb9d9 2013-02-06 nherriot merging
69:9b475f458fbc 2013-02-06 nherriot This removes a block in the VodafoneUSBModem lib. If there is no modem attached or a power problem the lib returns with a hardware error.; There is still a bug on power up though, as the application layer is not left stranded but it still happens!
68:07ac4e1ea5b0 2012-12-10 donatien Fix for regression in mbed rev.51+ lib
67:a9dbbac4dd26 2012-12-10 donatien Renamed USBHostWANDongle lib
66:d0b6bccbd613 2012-12-10 donatien Separate Voda and USBHostWANDongle libs developments flows: do not use bleeding edge lib for usb lib, which now points to https://mbed.org/users/mbed_official/code/USBHostWANDongle
65:66db9afdc3c1 2012-11-22 donatien Fix for compatibility with mbed rev. 44 library
64:a44f64dc2879 2012-11-22 donatien Fix for compatibility with mbed rev. 44 library
63:a5529699496a 2012-11-20 donatien Library update
62:6f42a974eea6 2012-11-13 donatien GCC-compliant
61:0bcb8c5216d4 2012-11-01 donatien Fixed race condition within the timeout mechanism of the ATCommandsInterface.cpp module; Added retries for setting the PDP context
60:763eefc845b1 2012-10-24 donatien (removed useless forgotten debug led)
59:593fb493172f 2012-10-24 donatien - Disabling/Re-enabling of unsollicited response codes between commands to avoid having unsollicited result codes mixed up with commands responses; - Suppressed 100ms guard time in ATCommandsInterface; - Fixed race condition in ATCommandsInterface
58:f1965f3f4504 2012-10-22 donatien Fixed messages indexes' list shifting bug
57:bf3cf216235c 2012-10-22 mbed_official Renamed USBHostWANDongle lib within the VodafoneUSBModem lib
56:0d4045f4a3be 2012-10-22 mbed_official Changed location of USBHostWANDongle lib
55:07b9b48cfe09 2012-10-22 donatien Re-adding comments within ATCommandsInterface.h
54:f9b1f5444963 2012-10-22 donatien Reverting to rev 52
53:9c0f1d4c1df9 2012-09-14 nherriot changed to run a single test
52:bd474c9fe51e 2012-10-11 ashleymills Couple of lines of comments.
51:54ca82a7644c 2012-09-27 donatien Fixes in ATCommandInterface.cpp
50:8ad4cb12749d 2012-09-27 donatien Fixed deadlock in SMS receiving routine; delete message even if cannot be read
49:978bffab17a8 2012-09-27 nherriot changed AT string for getLinkStatus method so that it does not request cell ID. Also changed the init function so that it tells the modem to report operator in the CC and NC 5 digit BCD number.
48:aa66bfc3a3fb 2012-09-26 nherriot merging
47:47d6101eebeb 2012-09-26 nherriot debug switched on for testing
46:c2282539c858 2012-09-26 nherriot only text change
45:8f014f3956fe 2012-09-25 nherriot merging
44:6bbd8952f1c9 2012-09-25 nherriot taking school boy error out from my debug statement! :-)
43:3071cf940880 2012-09-25 nherriot putting a reg state routine into the program. this will allow the program to monitor reg state before trying to send anything.
42:daa4dd282103 2012-09-25 ashleymills Typo in nicks debug message: d% instead of %d
41:8bec5a8ea878 2012-09-21 ashleymills Added some descriptive comments to the code.
40:9c6c87297a37 2012-09-20 nherriot merging of code.
39:85dc5ca10b7f 2012-09-20 nherriot small correction to the sms get method. It now only removes items from the sms item array if it can remove them from the modem sms inbox. Also added some debug.
38:d19354028042 2012-09-19 donatien Use DNS servers provided by the network
37:c1fd83bd31b4 2012-09-19 donatien Revert to rev35
36:45c3b5cb0234 2012-09-19 nherriot changing memory size in main thread and atCommanderInterface thread to allow debuging