mbed socket API

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This is an mbed 2 sockets library. For mbed 5, network sockets have been revised to better support additional network stacks and thread safety here.


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
19:434906b5b977 2013-08-19 bogdanm Sync with official mbed library release 66 default tip
18:d56496360fc9 2013-05-30 emilmont enable/disable broadcasting
17:c5089d058eab 2013-05-14 emilmont Not shutting down the socket, before closing it, is not robust in lwIP
16:2d471deff212 2013-03-01 emilmont Add broadcasting and multicasting
15:41e3af01f58e 2012-08-13 emilmont Reset TCPSocketConnection address when accepting a new connection
14:c159ce890a45 2012-08-04 emilmont [Documentation] "\brief" directive needs opening "exclamation mark"
13:084c7fa00503 2012-08-04 emilmont Try "\brief" Doxygen directive in documentation
12:8867c9da3b08 2012-08-04 emilmont Update "send"/"send_all" and "receive"/"receive_all" documentation
11:3d83c348fb8b 2012-08-01 emilmont [Socket library] Remove redundant UDPPacket class. Use centralized socket destructor. Add is_connected check.
10:d24738f4ef99 2012-07-31 emilmont Add explicit setting of socket blocking/non-blocking mode and timeout
9:f972715add36 2012-07-27 emilmont Socket inheritance should be public
8:9cf9c2d45264 2012-07-27 emilmont Update documentation
7:ac5f77f4497a 2012-07-27 emilmont The Endpoint inheritance should be public
6:cd2e5559786d 2012-07-27 emilmont thread safe timeouts
5:300e7ad2dc1d 2012-07-26 emilmont Add Endpoint class and UDPPacket class
4:75988d748e4d 2012-07-26 emilmont Add "const" specifier to "TCPSocketConnection::connect" parameters
3:e6474399e057 2012-07-25 emilmont Split TCPSocketServer from TCPSocketConnection
2:b227d242f3c7 2012-07-23 emilmont tidyup
1:8080965f5d76 2012-06-26 donatien Changed data type from uint8_t* to char*
0:1f77255a22f5 2012-06-26 donatien Initial Commit