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Dependencies:   4DGL-uLCD-SE EthernetInterface Game_Synchronizer MMA8452 SDFileSystem mbed-rtos mbed wave_player

Fork of 2035_Tanks_Shell by ECE2035 Spring 2015 TA


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
27:bd55ab4d137c 2015-10-30 jford38 Added a folder for sound. Clarified the role of globals.h default tip
26:317310d660b2 2015-10-30 jford38 My students don't know how hard I work for them <3
25:b3c075a2f2c7 2015-10-30 jford38 barrel_end doesn't return the barrel coords. It sets them.
24:2100c9e8ec81 2015-10-30 jford38 Final final final final final. Never looking at this again. Until I find something else to change :)
23:77049670cae6 2015-10-30 jford38 Final final final version. Maybe. For now. Ugh.
22:3c68eea5a609 2015-10-29 jford38 The Shell for students to fill in to play their tanks game.
21:edfeb289b21f 2015-10-29 jford38 Final Version (I hope). Gonna start stripping out the code to make the shell I reckon.
20:6a58052b0140 2015-10-29 jford38 Updated to use separate functions to get button data and accelerometer data separately.
19:7aa3af04d6a8 2015-10-28 jford38 Finished! I think. Haha :D
18:18dfc9fb33b5 2015-10-28 jford38 Most things working! Multi-player and single-player working with accelerometer x controlling the tanks and y controlling the gun. Uses the down button to fire.
17:7bc7127782e4 2015-10-28 jford38 Works with updates to game synchronizer. The synchronizer now contains buttons/accelerometers.
16:b73f0842d3cd 2015-10-27 jford38 Just making sure it's still up to date on the TA group.
15:4b27a3a95772 2015-10-26 jford38 Updates. Idk. Leave me alone. It's late.
14:36c306e26317 2015-10-26 jford38 Split things into multiple files. Working pretty well now!
13:22619424a52d 2015-10-25 jford38 Latest game code. Should be visible to the group now.
12:088a8203a9bb 2015-10-25 jford38 All kinds of stuff. Basically, things explode when you hit them now, and tanks can't drive through side of the screen.
11:f455e907baba 2015-10-23 jford38 Working gun barrels and driving tanks
10:5da9b27e050e 2015-10-23 jford38 Draws tanks! And terrain and junk. Idk. I'm tired.
9:ee330b1ba394 2015-10-22 jford38 Added game_init() to set up buttons & leds (and eventually other stuff); Added game_menu() to display a splash screen and ask whether to play in single- or multi-player mode.; Fixed a bug in background_color().
8:e6dd05393290 2015-10-22 jford38 Done for tonight. Tired. Right now the student side can run independently in single-player mode. The student side LEDs also turn on when you push the buttons on either side. Started some timing stuff. Didn't get far.
7:9506f2d84162 2015-10-22 jford38 Now contains a switch for single vs. multiplayer modes. ; At the beginning of the game, the master must select the play mode.
6:3be57cf4bd33 2015-10-22 jford38 Split game synchronization code into separate .h and .cpp files. Also renamed to "game_synchronizer.h" and "game_synchronizer.cpp"
5:cfec780c935b 2015-10-15 jford38 Working graphics commands on LCDs.; circle, line, triangle, filled_circle, filled_rectangle, rectangle, etc.; ; pen_size() seems to kill the LCD's. Don't know why. Probably just gonna exclude it.
4:d8bd8b41468d 2015-10-15 jford38 Working without LCD's. Going to add uLCD's now.
3:3ddefff03cb2 2015-10-12 jford38 Done for the night. Working TCP connection! printf substitutes for actual LCD commands don't seem to be working. Will figure it out tomorrow :D
2:c358ad9aedc4 2015-10-12 jford38 Last commit with UDP. Switching to TCP.
1:0589ea36661b 2015-10-07 jford38 2-Player game via Ethernet. First try.
0:899c85cd266f 2015-10-06 jford38 Working Player1 Demo. Uses print statements in lieu of the LCD (Don't have two LCD's yet.); Doesn't have two-way communication yet. Currently, P2 can only receive from P1 but can't send anything back.