You usually do not need to update the firmware of DAPLink. DAPLink is debugging function done by NXP device on the Mbed board(GR-MANGO) and the firmware is downloaded into it. So, it's different from RZ/A2M software(firmware).

How to Update the firmware for GR-MANGO

The latest Arm Mbed DAPLink interface firmware for GR-MANGO is available. (lpc11u35_gr_mango_if_crc_20200717.bin)
1. Download the firmware file.
2. While holding down the boards reset button, connect the boards USB debug port (Micro USB) to the computer. It should enumerate and mount as CRP DISABLD.
3. Delete the file named firmware.bin, then drag and drop or copy the new bin file.
4. Wait for the file copy operation to complete.
5. Power cycle the board. It will now enumerate and mount as DAPLINK or the name of the board.

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