Decode routine for weather station WT440H or WT450H

Dependencies:   mbed

This piece of software decode Weahter station temperature and humidity freeware, by Lotfi BAGHLI, March, 2013

I hacked the TX WT440H, got 2 wires out (GND and DATA),

I still want to get the data from a RX one (WS738) or a simple 433 MHz RX but signal pbs not yet solved In fact, from the builtin RX of the Weather station, it is ok, but from the external RX, the range is very small : 20 cm :-(

thanks to Jaakko Ala-Paavola,

for the protocol and decode routine

Connect 2 wires to the MBED : GND and Data Signal to p18

Temperature and Humidity are displayed on the Serial via USB of the MBED /media/uploads/lotfi_baghli/protocol_wt440.png

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