Single instance HTTP Server using new Ethernet Interface.

Dependents:   EthHTTPServer if201410_section5 _PE2E_12-04_EthernetInterfaceServer MGAS_GR_Peach ... more

Fork of WiFlyHTTPServer by Henry Leinen

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for HTTPServer


HTTPServer::handlersComp Structure which will allow to order the stored handlers according to their associated path
HTTPConnection Class HTTPConnection , encapsulates one connection being made throught the HTTPServer
HTTPFsRequestHandler Class HTTPFsRequestHandler serves requests with file-system objects
HTTPConnection::HTTPMessage HTTPMessage contains all the details of the request received by external HTTP client
HTTPRequestHandler Class HTTPRequestHandler is the base class for HTTP Handler request implementations
HTTPServer Class HTTPServer for use with WiflyInterface


FsHandler.cpp [code]
FsHandler.h [code]
hl_debug.h [code]
HTTPConnection.cpp [code]
HTTPConnection.h [code]
HTTPRequestHandler.cpp [code]
HTTPRequestHandler.h [code]
HTTPServer.cpp [code]
HTTPServer.h [code]
RpcHandler.cpp [code]
RpcHandler.h [code]