This is a RTC additional function. This is only for Nucleo F401RE & F411RE mbed(Added L152RE, F334R8, L476RG & F746xx). If you connected battery backup circuit for internal RTC, you can make a power-off and reset condition. RTC still has proper time and date.

Dependents:   Nucleo_rtos_sample PB_Emma_Ethernet

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for SetRTC


modify_info_F334.h [code]
modify_info_F4xx.h [code]
modify_info_F746.h [code]
modify_info_L152.h [code]
modify_info_L476.h [code]
rtc_api_F334.c [code]
rtc_api_F4xx.c [code]
rtc_api_F746.c [code]
rtc_api_L152.c [code]
rtc_api_L476.c [code]
SetRTC.cpp [code]
SetRTC.h [code]