Extended library from C12832 Lib. by Peter Drescher, Chris Styles & Mihail Stoyanov. LCD in the market such as AQM1248A (Akizuki), AD-12864-SPI (antendo), NHD-C12832 (Newhaven), ST7565 (adafruit) and so on

Dependents:   CW_Decoder_using_FFT_on_F446 LPC1114_SPI_LCD_ST7565family_test

Fork of C12832 by Components

Original library is below link.

I extended applicable LCD's not only 128 x 32 but also 128 x 48 and 128 x 64 type of SPI LCD using ST7565 controller.
I have checked AD-12864-SPI and AQM1248 LCD.
/media/uploads/kenjiArai/ad-12864-spi_12.png /media/uploads/kenjiArai/aqm12848_2.png

Import programLPC1114_SPI_LCD_ST7565family_test

Controller chip is ST7565