Today, after all those parts are available, I try out the bare LPC1114FN28 on a small breadboard. Here is the completed board. /media/uploads/jppang/img_0856.jpg

By following the instructions of Tsuboi san, I flash a test program to the IC by using FlashMagic. Of course, the bin file has been converted to hex file by bin2hex. Here is the screenshot. /media/uploads/jppang/lpc1114byflashmagic.tiff

After uploading the file to the IC, the LED did not blink as I programmed, I tried to reset the IC by pushing the button switch and it did not blink either. Finally, I tried the ISP Go button in the FlashMagic toolbar, and I blinks! /media/uploads/jppang/img_0861.mp4



Today, I got a LPC-Link like ARM writer from a Japanese magazine. /media/uploads/jppang/1862_p.jpg After soldering mini USB connector and two button switches and interface connectors, I follow the instructions of the notebook of Watarai san http://mbed.org/users/MACRUM/notebook/toragi_11u35_if/#c9349, finally the ARM writer works !

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