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Mbed OS library for interacting with the Crypto Authentication secure elements

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Mbed OS 5 library for CryptoAuthLib

Example program

Library to talk to Microchip CryptoAuth devices from Mbed OS. This library currently only supports I2C devices, but modifying it to also deal with SWI or UART should be relatively simple.

Compatible with:

  • ATSHA204A
  • ATECC108A
  • ATECC508A
  • ATECC608A

Right-now it only searches for the CryptoAuth device on the main I2C bus. If you want to change this (or help me patch it), see source/hal_mbed.cpp, in the hal_i2c_init function.

How to add this library to your project

  1. In Mbed CLI, run:

    $ mbed add

  2. Or, in the Online Compiler:

    • Right-click on your project.
    • Select Import library > From URL….
    • Enter:

Running unit tests

To run all the unit tests, see the example program.