4D Systems Sound Module Library

Dependents:   STM32F030R8_SOMO-14D


The SOMO-14D is a tiny Audio-Sound module that can play back pre-stored audio files such as voice and music from a micro-SD memory card. The module supports 4-bit ADPCM audio files with sample rates from 6Khz up to 32Khz. By using the freely available software tool, any WAVE(.wav) or MP3(.mp3) file can be easily converted to the ADPCM(.ad4) format which can then be can be saved to a micro-SD memory card. The compact 14pin drop-in-module takes up very minimal board space and is ideal for any application that requires embedded audio.

The SERIAL-MODE provides a simple 2-wire interface to any micro-controller via its DATA and CLK lines. Audio operations such as PLAY, PAUSE,STOP and VOLUME control functions are all available to the host micro via simple serial commands.

SOMO-14D Library

The SOMO library handles all basic functions that access the hardware to set the commands that ensure SERIAL-MODE interfacing.

Some of the functions can make control of: - Initialization - Activity - Command

Initialization Function

  • void SOMO14DInit(void (*pfunc)(void));

Activity Function

  • INT8U SOMO14DisBusy(void);

Commanding Functions

  • void SOMO14DSerialOut(INT16U SOMO14Duint16);
  • void SOMO14DPause(void);
  • void SOMO14DStop(void);
  • void SOMO14DSetVol(INT8U *SOMO14DVol);
  • void SOMO14DSetAudio(INT16U SOMO14DAudioFileNo);

For check the function by capability please check the "functions" wiki

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