Quick and dirty port of scmRTOS demo to mbed 1768. scmRTOS is a small RTOS written using C++. Offers (static) processes, critical sections, mutexes, messages, channels.

Dependencies:   mbed

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for scmRTOS_test


channel< T, Size, S > Channel
process< pr, stack_size > Process
ring_buffer< T, Size, S > The Ring Buffer Template
TBaseMessage Message
TBaseProcess BaseProcess
TCbuf The Circular Buffer
TChannel TChannel
TEventFlag Event Flag
TKernel Implements kernel-level operations such as process management, process-level scheduling, ISR-level scheduling, system timing
TMutex Binary semaphore for support of mutual exclusion


commdefs.h [code]
device.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
OS_Kernel.cpp [code]
OS_Kernel.h [code]
OS_Services.cpp [code]
OS_Services.h [code]
OS_Target.h [code]
OS_Target_cpp.cpp [code]
scmRTOS.h [code]
scmRTOS_config.h [code]
scmRTOS_defs.h [code]
scmRTOS_TARGET_CFG.h [code]
usrlib.cpp [code]
usrlib.h [code]


OS Priority and process map type definitions