BLACKPILL custom target.

BLACKPILL custom target

Board pinout

When equipped with STM32F401CCU6:

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When equipped with STM32F411CEU6:

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Advantages of the BLACKPILL custom target over the NUCLEO_F401RE/ NUCLEO_F411RE
  • The onboard external 25 MHz crystal is used as system clock source rather than the less precise internal 16 MHz RC oscillator.
  • The onboard LED works as LED1 in programs.
  • The onboard KEY on STM32F411CEU6 boards works as USER_BUTTON pin in programs.
  • You can use the USB peripheral in your programs and connect the board to the PC over the onboard USB connector. An example of using the USB peripheral as USBSerial (12 Mbit/s) is available here.
Building programs for the BLACKPILL custom target in Mbed Studio
  • Connect an STM32 ST-Link programmer to your BLACKPILL board and PC (see below for more details).
  • Create a new program in the Mbed Studio IDE.
  • Right-click on the program's root folder and in the popup window select Add library...
  • Open the drop-list and select default as Branch or tag and click on the Finish button.
  • Open the BLACKPILL_Custom_Target folder and according to you board drag&drop the TARGET_BLACKPILL_F401CC or the TARGET_BLACKPILL_F411CE folder and the custom_targets.json file one by one to the root folder of your program.
  • Delete the BLACKPILL_Custom_Target folder from your project. (Right-click and select delete).
  • Open the Target drop-list and click on the button with a "chip" icon on it (Manage custom targets) .
  • Open the USB device drop-list and select your STM32 ST-Link programmer.
  • Open the Build target drop-list and according to your board select BLACKPILL_F401CC or BLACKPILL_F411CE.
  • Click on the Save All button.
  • Build your program (click on hammer button).

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Using low cost Blackpill (STM32F411CEU6) boards with mbed.

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