Greg Steiert

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  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    This is a working HTTP server with I2C, GPIO and PWM commands accessible through URLs. It also includes the ability to serve files from an SD card.

    Last updated: 06 Dec 2013 3 108
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    HTTP SD Card File Server

    Seeeduino Arch Pro, SPI2SD
    Last updated: 10 May 2014 5 88
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Simple HTTP Server with support for SD Card file serving and CGI commands

    Last updated: 06 Apr 2013 7 71
  • MAX14661

    MAX14661 Serial Controlled 16:2 Multiplexer

    MAX14661, mux
    Last updated: 19 Apr 2014 3 48
  • PmodInterface

    URI friendly Pmod Interface Library

    mbd2pmd, pmod, URI
    Last updated: 10 May 2014 2 16
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    This demonstrates some of the capabilities of the MAX44000. It is written to work with the ARD2PMD adapter board and the MAX44000PMB1. It uses the standard Arduino pin names and …

    ARD2PMD, MAX44000, MAX44000PMB1
    Last updated: 08 Apr 2016 6 12
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    mbd2pmd Web Server uses the mbd2pmd adapter board to serve files from a microSD card and provide a RESTful interface to the Pmod connector.

    mbd2pmd, pmod, SD Card, webserver
    Last updated: 10 May 2014 7 9
  • Mbed OS

    Example program supporting the USB MSD bootloader that comes pre-loaded on the MAX32620FTHR

    Last updated: 26 May 2018 2 6
  • mbd2pmd

    mbd2pmd Adapter Board Library

    mbd2pmd, pmod
    Last updated: 10 May 2014 1 6
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    ARD2PMD Web Server Web Server using the ARD2PMD adapter and the SPI2SD adapter with the Seeeduino Arch Pro to serve files from the micro SD card and provide RESTful access …

    ARD2PMD, pmod, restful, Seeeduino Arch Pro, Seeeduino-Arch-Pro, SPI2SD, webserver
    Last updated: 10 May 2014 8 4