Library to control the EM027BS013 ePaper display from Pervasive Display.

Dependencies:   LM75B

Dependents:   app_epaper_EM027BS013_LPC1549 lpc4088_ebb_epaper EaEpaper_EM027BS013 app_epaper_EM027BS013 ... more

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for EM027BS013


COG_144_line_data_t Line data structure of 1.44 inch EPD
COG_200_line_data_t Line data structure of 2 inch EPD
COG_270_line_data_t Line data structure of 2.7 inch EPD
COG_line_data_packet_type Packet structure of a line data
COG_parameters_t Define the COG driver's parameters
EM027BS013 An interface to Embedded Artists' ePaper display, EM027BS013
EPD_V230_G2_Struct Define the Block type waveform structure
EPD_WaveformTable_Struct Define waveform stages for V230 EPD with G2 COG


conf_EPD.h [code] The EPD configurations
EM027BS013.cpp [code]
EM027BS013.h [code]
EPD_COG.cpp [code] The link source of different COG and EPD
EPD_COG_process.h [code] The definition of COG driving data and process
EPD_COG_process_v230_G2.cpp [code] The waveform driving processes and updating stages of G2 COG with V230 EPD
EPD_controller.cpp [code] The interface for external application wants to update EPD
EPD_controller.h [code] Copyright (c) 2012-2014 Pervasive Displays Inc
EPD_hardware_driver.cpp [code] The initialization and configuration of COG hardware driver
EPD_hardware_driver.h [code] The SPI, PWM, Temperature definitions of COG hardware driver
EPD_hardware_gpio.cpp [code] The functions of EPD GPIO
EPD_hardware_gpio.h [code] The definition of EPD GPIO pins
Pervasive_Displays_small_EPD.h [code] The definition of Pervasive Displays Inc