Simple test program to get familiar with functionality of MBED RTOS on ST Nucleo-F411RE. Tasks for LED blinking, user button, temperature measurement with DS1620, temperature measurement with internal temperature sensor of ST32F411RE, ultrasonic distance measurement and displaying result on 16x2 TextLCD.

Dependencies:   DS1620_improved TextLCD_improved mbed-rtos mbed


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
18:be0130c42925 2015-12-18 Jan Tetour Minor formatting changes. default tip
17:94c385ff2641 2015-12-18 dzoni Bugfixes. Works but freezes after some time. Button task requires rewrite (InterruptIn).
16:cfb774e3e7fc 2015-12-16 dzoni Initial public commit. Some bugfixing and testing still required.
15:a627638edd9c 2015-12-14 dzoni Hangs out in display ("Raw: 20" and that's all)
14:bd01b5240dee 2015-12-14 dzoni Added ToDo list...
13:f62b10a6e1c5 2015-12-14 dzoni Now works. Too big fluctuations in distance measurement values. Change to RTOS interrupt on EDGE pin change.
12:1de8b271e292 2015-12-14 dzoni Compiles OK. Testing fails (display).
11:e89f89c0920b 2015-12-14 dzoni Compiles OK, ready for testing.
10:e21d1da3b900 2015-12-14 dzoni Tasks split into separate source files. Compile OK. For testing. (Fixed error in source file location)
9:645f0e517017 2015-12-14 dzoni Tasks split into separate source files. Compile OK. For testing.
8:812c2b49251f 2015-12-13 Added tag RELEASE_2.0 for changeset 05f4f9d3c168
7:05f4f9d3c168 2015-12-13 dzoni Release 2.0 (RTOS + rewritten to separate tasks). Remaining:; - split tasks to separate source files; - program FSM(s) tisked by RTOS timer instead of Thread::wait() in tasks RELEASE_2.0
6:d1435e38c1b4 2015-12-13 dzoni Release 1.0 (RTOS + funk?n? d?lka i DS1620, p?ep??no do task?).
5:ff77acf7d21d 2015-12-13 dzoni Initial commit.
4:c163c99d6f89 2015-12-12 Added tag RELEASE_1.0 for changeset 90328beebfbc
3:434ea77350a7 2015-12-12 Added tag RELEASE_1.1 for changeset c190b9b39089
2:c190b9b39089 2015-12-12 dzoni Release 1.1 (optimization of TextLCD library) RELEASE_1.1
1:90328beebfbc 2015-12-12 dzoni Release 1.0 RELEASE_1.0
0:75ede6a15252 2015-12-12 dzoni Example finished.