simple example of wifi AP scanning, sending scan-results over radio link

Dependencies:   lr1110 sx12xx_hal

End device for testing Wifi geolocation.

Use with radio shield for europe
or radio shield for USA
which is programmed with trx firmware from updater tool.

Press USER_BUTTON to scan wifi access points and send results over radio link to gateway, which posts to geolocation provider, which then reply's with coordinates.

Long press user button (half second) to only scan wifi, to print out on 9600bps UART, and not transmit scan results for geolocation resolving. Short press and release (under 500ms) will wifi scan and transmit for geolocation resolving.

Use this project with lr1110_wifi_geolocation_gateway to receive the message from this project and resolve the location from geolocation server


This project is not using LoRaWAN, instead just LoRa transceiver directly to geolocation provider

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