NTP Client


Import libraryNTPClient

NTP Client for the mbed networking libraries


The NTP client is a simple UDP client that will update the mbed's RTC.


#include "NTPClient.h"


Import library

Public Member Functions

NTPClient ()
Instantiate the NTP client.
NTPResult setTime (const char *host, uint16_t port=NTP_DEFAULT_PORT, uint32_t timeout=NTP_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT)
Get current time (blocking) Update the time using the server host Blocks until completion.


This example updates the RTC over a 3G connection.

Import programVodafoneUSBModemNTPClientTest

NTP Client Test with the Vodafone USB Modem library

This is the same example using Ethernet.

Import programNTPClient_HelloWorld

Simple example demonstrating how to use the NTP Client to set the time

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