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Fork of M2XStreamClient by AT&T M2X Team


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
22:4d895e732765 2016-06-15 defmacro Update to new single header based implementation default tip
21:6878944d2ce2 2016-01-02 citrusbyte Update library version
20:32d24a6355b5 2016-01-02 citrusbyte Fix build error
19:4dfa28d37b8f 2016-01-01 citrusbyte Use correct M2XStreamClient.cpp file
18:510895884768 2015-12-28 citrusbyte Bump release version
17:9db4a86b876a 2015-12-28 citrusbyte Update comments to TimeService
16:7903152de19f 2015-12-28 citrusbyte Add TimeService implementation
15:2610823f7f2e 2015-04-27 citrusbyte Fix content length bug
14:205076b587fe 2015-01-04 NetArc Added support for path prefix for app-flow
13:0d574742208f 2014-12-09 citrusbyte Update client library to latest version
12:debf4b2f7960 2014-09-26 citrusbyte Use new buffered client implementation
11:a11af0c81cfa 2014-09-15 citrusbyte Use new value update API
10:4ce9eba38dbe 2014-09-10 citrusbyte Sync changes with github repo
9:48b088e317aa 2014-08-13 citrusbyte Timestamp is now a required field
8:bd39886d72fb 2014-01-03 citrusbyte Update mbed library
7:e64d9e1a800a 2013-11-14 citrusbyte Fix compiling errors
6:e6d66d99dd6f 2013-11-14 citrusbyte Update m2x client library
5:ea68c8980ad8 2013-10-24 citrusbyte Initial commit for M2X mbed client library
4:ba0d02be2835 2014-09-07 NetArc no need for json underflow capture
3:2b527486e864 2014-09-07 NetArc remove debug
2:7ea7ab05f120 2014-09-07 NetArc fix for parsing numeric stream values
1:4d7109bae9cf 2014-08-13 citrusbyte Timestamp is now a required field
0:f479e4f4db0e 2014-02-12 jb8414 initial commit from github revision b98a6d0