Dave Van Wagner

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  • Mbed OS

    C64 emulation on STM32F429 Discovery board with builtin LCD and USB keyboard support (OTG). More info at davevw.com and/or github.com/davervw

    C64, emulation, STM32F429, stm429
    Last updated: 17 Apr 2020 15 26
  • Mbed OS

    6502 emulator for Commodore 64 ROMs, serial terminal edition for MBED. Recommend terminal echo on, line edit on, caps lock, 115200bps, implicit carriage return on newline, currently non-buffered so don't …

    6502, emulation, Serial
    Last updated: 17 Apr 2020 10 2

    ST/USBHOST forked to add another HID handler for raw keyboard data to get more detail not available with current handlers (all pressed keys, all releases, and periodic updates)

    Last updated: 13 Apr 2020 8 30

    Software SPI allows non-standard SPI pins to be used for interfacing with SPI devices

    Last updated: 04 Feb 2014 1 583
  • TextLCD_NOKIA_5110

    TextLCD compatible wrapper for NOKIA_5110 library

    Nokia, TextLCD
    Last updated: 18 Jan 2014 10 25
  • SST25VF064C

    Driver for SST 64Mbit flash (8Mbyte) model 25VF064C including higher level methods for rewrite and buffered read/write to help optimize I/O. Can also work with other 25 series flash and …

    EEPROM, flash, SST
    Last updated: 12 Apr 2012 3 97
  • SPIDebug

    Shows SPI activity. Replace SPI with SPIDebug, and replace chip select's DigitalOutput with CSDebug. Outputs debug info on stdout. Currently only outputs 8-bit debug info. Easy enough to change that …

    debug, SPI
    Last updated: 10 Apr 2012 1 44
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Demonstrating bug in fat file system code. Fix is documented at http://mbed.org/forum/mbed/topic/2273/

    FAT, fatfilesystem
    Last updated: 11 Jan 2012 2 30
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Bible eBook Prototype More details at: http://mbed.org/users/davervw/notebook/ebible-abstract/

    Bible, BibleIO, BibleUI, KJV, SDFileSystem, sdhcfilesystem, TextLCD
    Last updated: 27 Feb 2011 1 10
  • SDHCFileSystem

    private Library copy of SDHCFileSystem

    SD, SDFileSystem, sdhcfilesystem
    Last updated: 27 Feb 2011 1 1047