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00001 #define PI 3.14159274
00002 #define ON  1
00003 #define OFF 0
00004 typedef unsigned char uchar;
00007 float torads(float deg);
00008 float todegs(float rad);
00010 //Gets string from groundStation and converts to Lat Lon Alt
00011 void  getlla(float& p_lat, float& p_lon, float& p_alt, float& g_lat, float& g_lon, float& g_alot);   
00013 //converts lat lon alt to ECEF earth centered earth fixed coordinates
00014 void  lla2ecef(float lat, float lon, float alt, float& x, float& y, float& z);
00016 //converts 4 bytes to float
00017 float tofloat(uchar b0, uchar b1, uchar b2, uchar b3); 
00019 //this is a testing function it allows me to input a puse width in uS and output it to the servo(s)
00020 // Allows me to get y = Mx + B.. it's not used in the main program but is usefull
00021 void  servo_calib();