basic functional test of FT810 LCD via SPI

Dependencies:   FT810 mbed


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23:0045679060e3 2016-10-02 cpm219 latest default tip
22:2bdc80e45f3b 2016-09-17 cpm219 first version of base gui
21:a50739772892 2016-09-07 cpm219 latest
20:92b3e641b306 2016-09-02 cpm219 latest
19:834563fd75b4 2016-08-15 cpm219 latest datalogger software ; -Curt
18:d1566d9b6ea1 2016-08-15 cpm219 latest version
17:f98333612db8 2016-07-21 cpm219 datalogger gui
16:19ade236df07 2016-07-01 cpm219 initial software based on brew_panel_ft810
15:25cbc8345067 2016-04-27 montgojj Added functionality to read in data from SD card for input/output calibration.
14:52a03b4a0365 2016-04-08 montgojj Did some stuff.
13:8f23699b9c9f 2016-04-05 montgojj Added Cortland''s comments, added low pressure detect functionality, and cleaned up the code.
12:c19239029172 2016-04-05 cratliff Added comments
11:f6a146b62579 2016-04-05 montgojj Added comments.
10:c56b7ca4805f 2016-04-01 montgojj Expanded slider tracking area to prevent accidental swipes when trying to operate the sliding bar.
9:bf787d41b645 2016-04-01 montgojj Added moving average filter code from Cortland's snippet.
8:886908a6127c 2016-04-01 montgojj Fully functional?
7:e525bfa17136 2016-03-31 cratliff Added swipe function rev. 0.1
6:f698d8ba4cd6 2016-03-30 cratliff Added Reprogram Button to the display for easy reprograming
5:e2e04cb5eada 2016-03-30 cratliff Added title block. Fixed calibration save to file;
4:a48fc7a3bda9 2016-03-29 montgojj External Hardware Functionality
3:f47fe17b34a1 2016-03-18 cratliff Touch Screen Calibration stored to SD card.
2:a4c01cf97666 2016-03-16 cratliff Added Screen Flip and Read Touch Screen Calibration
1:7952d133e78c 2016-03-14 cratliff Trying to add SD Card support
0:aa55c6eb6867 2016-03-03 cratliff Something to share