A library to read HID RFID cards through the wiegand protocol. This was tested with the HID ProxPoint Plus 6005BG00.

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    Wiegand Library for HID ProxPoint Plus

    While this library should be able to read any wiegand input, the buffer can only store 64 bits, and it expects there to be less than a 5ms delay between each bit sent.

    Here is a picture of some example wiring:

    To use this library use the following pin attachments

    6005BG00 WireMBED PIN

    include the mbed library with this snippet

    void void onCardRead();
    Wiegand rfid(p30, p29, p28, &onCardRead);
    int main() {
      while(1) {
        rfid.doEvents(); //checks if data has been fully read, and calls the callback
    void onCardRead() {
        Do stuff with data, as we've fully read the card.
        WHen this function exits, RFID reader will be reset to read
        Another Card

    See this for more information: http://mbed.org/users/cbookman3/code/HID_ProxCard_Wiegand_Example/

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