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Rosserial library for MBED

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Version: v1.1.1

This repository is a modified version of ros_lib directory created accordingly to rosserial MBED Setup tutorial from official ros documentation.

Condensed, step by step recipe:
1. $ mkdir -p ~/ros_workspace/src && cd ros_workspace/src && catkin_init_workspace
2. $ cd ~/ros_workspace/src && git clone
3. $ cd ~/ros_workspace && catkin_make
4. $ source devel/setup.bash
5. $ rosrun rosserial_mbed ~/workspace/ros/lib

This library is compatible with Mbed CLI tools. You can change default Serial pins and baudrate used by rosserial in mbed_app.json.


        "*": {
            "rosserial-mbed.tx_pin": "MY_TX_PIN",
            "rosserial-mbed.rx_pin": "MY_RX_PIN",
            "rosserial-mbed.baudrate": 230400

To add this library to your project just run mbed add in your project’s lib directory.