Sending GPS co-ordinates as text message

Sending GPS co-ordinates as text message

Project by:Bhoomi Bhanvadia and Prasad Sawant

The report for the project is attached:



The project basically accepts the GPS information in the form of latitude and longitude information and relays the information to the GSM modem which forwards the data as a text message to a specified phone number.

List of Hardware:

1. The mbed microprocessor NXPLPC 1768

2. A GPS modem BR-355

3. The Enfora-GSM 1308-50 modem

4. Two RS-232 serial communication cables

5. The Pololu 23201a adapter for the 2 serial ports

Hardware Connections:

1. Connect the mbed and power it up using the USB cable from the PC.

2. Interface the GPS modem with the mbed. The serial cable is connected through the adapter. The 4 connections viz. VCC, GND, TX and RX are made. The TX and RX pins go to a serial communication pair on the mbed. Apart from this, the other part of the modem is connected to just VCC and GND.

3. The GSM modem is interfaced with the mbed. This is a critical connection. Apart from the usual connections of VCC, GND, TX, RX (just as mentioned for the GPS modem) there are two important connections. The CTS and DSR pins need to be grounded.

4. A power supply is needed to power up the GSM modem (range:6-40V).


Import programGPS_text


-> Depending on the hardware appropriate null modem is to be used

-> Caution is required with the handshake singnals and Baud Rates

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