ok connect ethernet http://nanoservice-demo.mbed.org/ logout login name/password: demo demo see unique id on LCD click on that on that SAME id on web page interact with it: led on/off temp buzzer etc.

Dependencies:   Beep C12832_lcd EthernetInterface LM75B MMA7660 mbed-rtos mbed nsdl_lib

Fork of NSDL_HelloWorld by Sensinode

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for IOT-NSDL_HelloWorld


dbg.h [code]
gps.cpp [code]
gps.h [code]
light.cpp [code]
light.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
nsdl_support.cpp [code]
nsdl_support.h [code]
relay.cpp [code]
relay.h [code]
temperature.cpp [code]
temperature.h [code]