This package contains a simple test of tests for various elements of the SmartBoard hardware, which is a simple baseboard designed for easy embedding. It is able to run both a semi-automatic test suite as well as allow interactive testing.

Dependencies:   EthernetNetIf NTPClient_NetServices mbed

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for A_SmartBoard_HWTester


MSCFileSystem.cpp [code]
MSCFileSystem.h [code]
SDFileSystem.cpp [code]
SDFileSystem.h [code]
ShowTime.c [code]
ShowTime.h [code] Couple of simple time printing apis
SmartBoard.h [code] Defines IO special to the board
SmartBoard_Tester.cpp [code] Simple test framework
usbhost_cpu.h [code]
usbhost_err.h [code]
usbhost_inc.h [code]
usbhost_lpc17xx.c [code]
usbhost_lpc17xx.h [code]
usbhost_ms.c [code]
usbhost_ms.h [code]