While I was thinking about logging sensor values, I noticed that I have not got clock for this board. Blowsing the mbed API, I found that the ticker could be used. So this is my first trial of implementing a clock using the ticker. Meantime I added getPoint in my SPI_STMPE610 lib so that the x and y coordinate can be directly read.

Dependencies:   SPI_STMPE610 SPI_TFT_ILI9341 TFT_fonts mbed

Tokei means a clock or a watch in Japanese. To log values of sensor(s) I needed a way to trace the time. At first, knowing that the RTC is not connected in FRDM-KL25Z I thought it must be difficult to implement a clock, but finding the "ticker" in mbed lib, at least I could give a try.

センサの値をログするのに時計機能が欲しいかなと思っていたのですが、FRDM-KL25ZではRTCに32KHzが接続されていないのでちょっと難しいかなと mbed の API を見ていたら ticker というのがありました(笑)


Since it must be painful to set the time each time powering the board, I implemented the minimum functions to set the time (hour, min, sec) using the Adafruit 2.8" TFT and Touch Sensor.

流石に起動毎にシリアルから時間を設定するのは厳しそうだったので とりあえず時、分、秒を設定できる最低限のUIも付けて見ました。

/media/uploads/Rhyme/set_hour.jpg /media/uploads/Rhyme/set_min.jpg /media/uploads/Rhyme/set_sec.jpg

diff -r 000000000000 -r 94d52137914c SPI_TFT_ILI9341.lib
--- /dev/null	Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
+++ b/SPI_TFT_ILI9341.lib	Sat Dec 13 08:48:34 2014 +0000
@@ -0,0 +1,1 @@