mbed-fest in autumn 2013

Japanese information is here.


mbed fest in automn 2013 caravan was held in Nagoya (1st Ameyoko-bldg, Oosu), Yokohama (ARM K.K office) and Sapporo (SHARE - Coworking X Fabrication) on 14th to 16th Sept 2013.

/media/uploads/MACRUM/nagoya_small.jpg /media/uploads/MACRUM/yokohama_small.jpg /media/uploads/MACRUM/sapporo_small.jpg
This was third mbed fest in 2013 and about 100 developer attended this meet-up event. Internet live streaming (using Ustream) was also available and 1,637 unique users watched the event!

The meeting was organised by mbed fest committee and followings are cooperations.


[Common presentaions in three days]

[in Nagoya]

[in Yokohama]

[in Sapporo]

  • Takeshi Kinoshita : "Biosignal and mbed" /media/uploads/MACRUM/ustream.jpg
  • Kiwamu Okabe (Metasepi Project) : "mbed+Haskell" /media/uploads/MACRUM/ustream.jpg
  • Kuzushi Mukaiyama : "About works with mbed" /media/uploads/MACRUM/ustream.jpg
  • @jksoft913 : "About mbed robot base board" /media/uploads/MACRUM/ustream.jpg

/media/uploads/MACRUM/dsc_0645.jpg /media/uploads/MACRUM/dsc_0753.jpg /media/uploads/MACRUM/dsc_0844.jpg

We really enjoyed presentations and al lot of demos and hope to held this type of mbed user meeting in other place next time!

We (mbed-fest committee) are already planning for next year, and if anyone wants to join the committee to run mbed-fests in other locations, please contact me!

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