Code to drive a CNC machine via a PC LPT port lookalike 25 pin 'D', experiment in 'PC/Mach3' replacement. Designed to compile and run on mbed LPC1768, Freescale KL25Z and Freescale KL46Z. Proved on LPC1768 and KL25Z, problem with serial port on KL46Z. Reads subset of 'G Codes' through usb/serial port and drives 3 stepper/servo drives for X, Y and Z, also similar Step/Dir outputs for spindle motor control. Emulates PC LPT, outputs 'charge pump', proved driving Seig KX3 CNC mill

Dependencies:   MODSERIAL mbed



File content as of revision 0:5d0f270bfc87:

#define axis_speeds_buffsize 20

struct  axis_speeds_element {
    signed  long    x, y, z, a, duration_ticks;
    bool    ready;
}   ;

struct  singleGparam    {   //  Place to put all we know about 'x' or 'j' etc parameter from G Code line
    double          dbl;
    unsigned long   ul;
    int         i,  c;
    bool            changed;      // Flagged true when new value for this axis found in Gcode line, false otherwise 
}   ;

struct  Gparams {  //  Where possibly messy G code line gets ordered and sorted into
    struct  singleGparam   x, y, z, i, j, r, a, b, c, d;   //  After sorting, know where to find any X, Y etc values !
}   ;

struct  digital_readouts    {
    signed int x, y, z, a, b, c;    //  Allow up to six dros
    bool    dro_output;             //  To enabe / disable output to terminal
}   ;

extern  const double  n_for_onemmpermin, feed_rate_max, feed_rate_min, spindle_min, spindle_max;
extern  const   long  pulses_per_mm, max_mm_per_min, interrupt_period_us;