reverted HTTPCLient debug back to defaulted off

Dependencies:   HTTPClient-SSL

Fork of MTS-Socket by Keith Ruenheck


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
51:d4ac1662a2df 2016-03-11 JonB reverted HTTPCLient debug back to defaulted off default tip
50:cfd86294a816 2016-03-11 JonB Reverted HTTPClient debug to default off
49:139d2c3e2765 2016-02-04 kruenhec Added hardware reset of modem, including the option from debugMenu=>SystemSetup
48:24ac887eb82f 2016-01-28 kruenhec Doubled the chunk size in HTTP Client to address the serial rx byte dropped problem.
47:ddd7313a384b 2016-01-27 kruenhec Eliminated extra http debug information because it bogged down the system.
46:72950e2241b8 2016-01-26 kruenhec Enabled extra debug information from http client
45:caa607cf0eb4 2015-09-22 kruenhec Modified CheckSignalStrength() so that is returns Levels of 1-5. Modified GetNetworkTime() so that it returns a populated tm structure
44:8f20514139ad 2015-09-15 kruenhec Increased chunk size
43:2b78cadc0894 2015-06-25 mfiore update to MultiTech official version of HTTPClient-SSL library
42:f674831427fe 2015-03-24 mfiore merge & update
41:b3f0f35e249a 2015-03-24 mfiore upate HTTPClient-SSL
40:ce112dc657f6 2015-03-24 mfiore update HTTPClient-SSL
39:857598218cb9 2015-03-24 Mike Fiore add Test/httpbincert.h
38:ce7961511743 2015-03-24 mfiore merge
37:3a7bd68b15a9 2015-03-24 mfiore update HTTPClient-SSL
36:b6e47b4cdb6d 2015-03-11 Vanger Fixed basic-auth test to work properly and to allow easy manipulation for testing different names and passwords.;
35:c85bea9cb713 2015-03-11 Vanger Added HTTPS unit test.; Removed APN declarations, as there is only one static APN declaration now (consolidated the APN's to the same location for all tests)
34:98290cb26c08 2015-03-16 Vanger Updating HTTPClient-SSL.lib
33:1e8d45675c0a 2015-02-10 mfiore merge
32:45c1fe2ec378 2015-02-09 Vanger Updated CyaSSL library to merge the two separate time verification date removal branches.
31:b4aa9ae8bf90 2015-02-09 Vanger Somehow lost the commit for the #define NO_TIME_VERIFY flags under settings.h that removed the certificate date checking.; Added them back in.
30:7058742e5ba4 2015-02-09 Vanger Updated comments in HTTPClient/HTTPClient.h to explain the URL formatting for HTTP requests.
29:a9365206c003 2015-02-09 Vanger Updated HTTPS library. Removed unneeded calls, added memory checks.
28:9a1c949527bc 2015-01-23 mfiore remove unnecessary include in UDPSocket.h
27:263ac78dd20f 2015-01-23 mfiore update HTTPS-client library
26:0d444fc0eee9 2015-01-19 Vanger Turned off debugging for HTTPS Client
25:3a58f3596f87 2015-01-19 Vanger Updating HTTPSClient library
24:95b4f89631ed 2015-01-14 Vanger Added CyaSSL lib to HTTPSClient by Doug Anson for SSL secure connections through MTS devices. Modified client to inlcude a function for certificate input, and for setting the SSL verify settings.
23:863d53825920 2015-01-06 Vanger Moving fork from private to public team repository
22:966373d2930c 2015-01-06 Vanger Changed TCPSocketConnection.cpp log message to be more clear
21:faff2c3248ec 2015-01-06 Vanger Replaced HTTP library with HTTPS library that also implements basic authentication, and extra headers
20:a74e92329ba6 2014-12-30 Mike Fiore remove stdint inclusion from UDPSocket.h
19:f9a0041c4501 2014-10-21 Vanger Changed close() variable to match MBED socket API with a variable name of shutdown instead of clearBuffer.
18:119547e27ff1 2014-10-21 Vanger Added buffer clear flag for close() calls to allow for closing sockets without clearing the data buffers.
17:cbfa7314af15 2014-08-22 mfiore merge changes
16:dbe80ac199f5 2014-08-11 Vanger Removed some unecessary wait() calls in TestTCPSocketConnection.h and TestUDPSocketConnection.h; Changed TestTCPSocketConnection.h to look for whole menu before moving on, rather than just first menu line.
15:8b5fbb926688 2014-07-23 Vanger Put in IP address and Port for TestTCPSocketConnection.h
14:7643ed024fe8 2014-07-23 Vanger Tweaked response checking in TestTCPSocketConnection.h to exit early if correct response found. ; TestUDPSocket.h added socket close and disconnect
13:45b7e18e33ab 2014-07-09 mfiore shut down PPP connection at end of TCP unit test
12:9efe3cc3cb6c 2014-06-23 mfiore change all instances of SUCCESS to MTS_SUCCESS
11:892ffac4946b 2014-06-19 mfiore keep address and port of TCP test server since the test is specifically for how that server behaves
10:42220b7df921 2014-06-17 mfiore fix compile error with APN
9:b2e3862705fc 2014-06-17 mfiore add UDP socket code; add UDP unit test; remove specific info from tests
8:a3b41ec82e63 2014-06-16 mfiore update receive() in TCPSocketConnection; update and improve TCP and HTTP unit tests
7:08b474178245 2014-06-03 mfiore add HTTPClient; add tests for HTTPClient and TCPSocketConnection - still need work
6:5b31d0623028 2014-05-22 mfiore merge changes
5:c916a5ea7205 2014-05-21 Mike Fiore add .gitignore to .hgignore
4:47a48d888b74 2014-05-21 Mike Fiore add .hgignore file
3:d0a1fdbd02ce 2014-05-20 Mike Fiore add mbed.h to Endpoint.cpp
2:ebc6129de4e8 2014-05-20 Mike Fiore include mbed.h in cpp files
1:096f484f3ae6 2014-05-19 Mike Fiore add socket code
0:eef30dbe1130 2014-05-15 mfiore initial commit; stub headers for CommInterface, Endpoint, IPStack, Socket, TCPSocketConnection, Transport, UDPSocket